Poor sleep quality? This might be why

Poor quality sleep - women's health

We’ve all experienced those restless nights when good sleep quality seems to evade us no matter how hard we try. Tossing and turning, staring at the ceiling, and counting sheep become futile exercises as our minds race and our bodies resist the blissful embrace of slumber. While the usual suspects of stress, caffeine, and an […]

How To Choose The Right Fitness Goals

Fitness Goals. We’ve all set them. We’ve all given up on them. And then set them again – it’s a vicious circle.   I’ve definitely been caught in that loop more times than I’d like to say. And it took me a long time to understand what I was doing wrong. If you’re just a regular […]

Bellabeat Coach: Enhancing Women’s Health

In recent years, there’s been a growing awareness of the importance of women’s health and wellness. Women are realising that their bodies have unique needs that can vary throughout their menstrual cycle. And that optimising their fitness and nutrition can help them feel better and achieve their goals more effectively. Enter Bellabeat Coach. This app […]

5 Tips for Preventing Headaches

woman with headache holding her head

If you were asked to name a few things you like the most in life, headaches probably wouldn’t be on the list. As much as we love blaming our headaches on weather or a bug that’s going around, most of the headaches we get are our own fault. Prevention is a great solution, but before […]

6 Tips To Get Back Into Your Exercise Routine!

Woman's sneakers running on the beach

It’s hard to keep up exercise routines during the holiday rushing and racing… If you feel that lately you dropped the ball on exercising, don’t beat yourself up! Life gets in the way of things, and we’re not the ones to judge. When you take a day off from your regular workout — whatever the […]

4 Types of Meditation: Which One Is Best for You?

Women in lotus position

At The FemTech Revolution we’re all about mindfulness! Meditation, breathing, and reflection are all important when deciding to embark on the journey of becoming more self-aware and stress-free. In the ocean of different meditation options, it’s can be hard to find the perfect one for you! Educators, mental health experts, and spiritual leaders all have […]

Bellabeat NZ: How Lack of Sleep Impacts Your Life

Lack of sleep health wellness FemTech Revolution

We all know that not getting enough sleep is not good for the body. Not only can it make you more susceptible to sickness, but it also weakens the immunity and is responsible for an array of other health issues. But when talking about the lack of sleep most of us have, we forget the […]

3 Amazing Meditations You Can Find on Your Bellabeat App

Woman meditating

Are you feeling stressed? It seems like Autumn is one of the most stressful times of the year. Maybe because we are saying good-bye to summer. So it’s no wonder many of us are experiencing trouble concentrating or even just keeping up with the pace of life. These 3 meditations will help you relax and […]

Do you ever feel stressed and overwhelmed? Bellabeat Wellness Trackers now in NZ!

Bellabeat Leaf Wellness Tracker FemTech Revolution

Fast pace and increased stress?        Stress and overwhelm are all too common in today’s hectic lifestyle with our brains constantly bombarded and active with things to do. The pace of life is faster than ever before. Technology and the digital revolution have improved our efficiency of getting sh*t done by speeding up many tasks and […]