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Making and raising a baby is easy, right? Ah... No. Not always.

When we decide to get pregnant, we often want it to happen immediately. If it doesn’t, it can be frustrating, discouraging, and downright depressing.
We want to support women through the journey of conception and parenthood. We provide fertility, postpartum, and breastfeeding support alongside educational content.

Fertility & Postpartum Products

We import the finest scientifically verified fertility and breastfeeding products from around the world to New Zealand.

kegg fertility tracker and kegel ball

kegg 2-in-1 Fertility Tracker and Kegel Ball

This device uses your cervical mucus to determine your most fertile days

Ovulation predictor kit - PdG and LH hormone test strips

Proov Predict and Confirm

Hormone testing strips - tests for progesterone and lutenizing hormone

Ovarian reserve testing - FSH hormone test strips from Proov

Proov Reserve hormone tests

These measure follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and can can give insight into your ovarian status

Lactamo breast massager

Lactamo breastfeeding ball

The Lactamo ball facilitates breast massage which can help with common breastfeeding problems

Common Questions

Tip 1: Time intercourse correctly. There are only about 5 days per month that a woman is fertile. You need to get that right. 

Tip 2: Make sure you are ovulating properly. Ovulatory disorders are the number 1 cause of infertility in women. 

Tip 3: Make sure your partners has sperm in good working order. The second most common cause of infertility comes from the male part of the equation.

We’re glad you asked this. There are a few ways. 1. Calendar or date tracking and basal body temperature – you can use paper or an app. 2. Cervical mucus tracking – this is where the kegg device can help you. 3. Ovulation predictor kits – like the Proov luteneizing (LH) hormone test. LH levels will increase right before ovulation.

A key indicator of ovulation is a rise in the hormone progesterone. If you are ovulating properly, after ovulation, the empty follicle releases progesterone to prepare the the uterus for implantation and pregnancy. If an egg isn’t released, there is no empty follicle to produce progesterone. There are a few ways you can test this at home. 1. You can use basal body temperature tracking (BBT) – your BBT will rise about 0.5 degrees after ovulation. 2. You can use a Proov test strip to measure the levels of progesterone in your urine.  

All the products we provide are backed by science. This means that have been clinically tested and found to improve fertility. Both kegg and Proov products are FDA-registered (this means they have gone through extensive testing and verification). kegg is the only medical device that can measure your fertile window using cervical mucus. Proov progesterone tests are one of the only ways to test levels of progesterone in your urine (normally you need a blood test).

A lot of new mums struggle with breastfeeding. Some of the common challenges are engorgement, blocked ducts, and even mastitis. But even working out what good attachment is and knowing how often to feed baby can be difficult. As well as managing those tender nipples in the early days. But hopefully if you can get through those early days things should become much easier!

Breast massage is able to provide relief from common breastfeeding problems. Gentle breast massage can provide relief from mastitis, engorgement, and low milk supply. It can also help to clear blocked milk ducts if they occur. For this, it’s important to massage towards the nipple!

  1. Be super gentle – breasts are made up of delicate tissue.
  2. Find a temperature that feels good for you – this could be hot or cold, or room temp.
  3. Be consistent and persistent – it could take up to a few days to overcome your breastfeeding problems. Keep at it and massage about 2-4 times per day. 

 The Lactamo ball facilitates breast massage. It is heatable, coolable, and reusable. The Lactamo ball has solid lumps in the middle and hollow lumps at either end of the ball. These are of different sizes to contour to your breast. Winner of multiple awards and a highly successful independent clinical trial, Lactamo helps with many of the common problems breastfeeding mothers experience. 

Customer Reviews

While the product seems simple it is VERY much worth the purchase! I've had mastitis several times (including abysses) and blocked ducts at least 20 times with my 3 month old. Lactamo is helping me get rid of any blocked ducts as soon as I feel them. I don't know how or why it works, but it does!
Lactamo breast massager
Fabulous for blocked ducts
I received my kegg quickly. It was easy to set up and I was pleased to see the app is free. I find kegg very comfortable and it only takes about a minute to use each day. I forget it is in there while I brush my teeth every evening. 😄 I learned quickly when my kegg data is moving downwards, I'm fertile. Very straight forward and insightful. I wanted kegg because my cycles are not consistently 28 days in length and I want to know precisely when I am fertile. Kegg seems to nail this for me.
Super insightful fertility tracker
This kit helps me so much understand my progesterone levels throughout my cycle. I used the strips on 7-10 peak fertility days and I had 3 positives, I ended up being pregnant. Successful levels of progesterone confirms successful implantation. Proov team responds very fast and they are so supportive. Loved this product
Proov PdG hormone test box - know your ovulation quality
Confirm PdG Tests - 5 test strips