The FemTech Revolution was born from the ashes of 2020, officially being launched in 2021. At the FemTech Revolution, we are creating a marketplace and a platform to discuss and raise the bar for women’s health. And we don’t just mean women’s health – like the dreaded curse as menstruation used to be known – but the health and wellness of the individual, of the whole body, with a focus on those identifying as women. We (women) are not the same as men. Our bodies are different. They behave differently. We are complicated and medicine has a lot to answer for (you can read more blog and in another article I wrote here). The FemTech Revolution was founded, in part, out of concerns for the bias in sex-specific health but also for a desire to find novel ways to improve women’s health and everyday lives. And to discuss ways to make our life easier!

Health is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

The World Health Organisation

We want to reach out to the world and let Women AND men know that we are here, and we are listening. We are educating, and we are sharing what we know so you can take better care of yourselves.

What is FemTech?

FemTech (or female technology) is technology tailored towards the needs of women. It is where health and technology meet to transform women’s healthcare. FemTech is about making technology work for us. FemTech is a fairly new term, being coined in 2006 by one of the early founders of a FemTech start-up (Ida Tin who founded Clue, a period tracking app). The term emcompasses technologies for women’s health but in part it’s also about getting the conversation going for us to bring women’s health into line with that of all health. It is about turning ‘taboos into triumphs’ as the Fermata FemTech marketplace proposes. FemTech includes software/apps, devices and products for women’s health and wellness, including things related to reproductive health, motherhood, and general health and wellbeing (see some examples in the figure below).

Information is power

Many FemTech innovators also provide educational resources, so that women can understand exactly what is happening with their body, and why. This is often to combat the lack of information, or sometimes the misinformation, that is available. The ability to take control of our own health depends on having access to the right information. Information is power. In our blogs, you will find information about general health and wellbeing, reproductive health and pregnancy and motherhood. We will also explore the different phases of a women’s life as often there can be substantial changes to our body and our needs over our lifetime. A lot of women’s health information has revolved around the reproductive organs and phase of a women’s life with all other health issues assumed to be the same as those in men, which is not always the case.

Why technology?

An image of bright cityscape lights - the skyscrapers of Hong Kong - with the word technology written in all caps, bold font

Technology has revolutionised our lives. It continues to change our lives. We are living in the Information Age. It’s estimated that human knowledge doubles every 12 hours. I’m not entirely sure what the ‘human knowledge’ is made up of. But, think about it – a doubling of knowledge every 12 hours – that is astounding. This knowledge is enabled by advances in technology. Technology has increased our productivity, enhanced education, improved our ability to communicate, and has had a huge impact in the area of health.

Technologies for health

Technological innovations in the health sector are exploding (and mind blowing for that matter)! For example, mobile health devices – these are gadgets that link to your smartphone and monitor your body function. You can now purchase a portable ultrasound device or an ECG (electrocardiogram) monitor to track your heart health at home. The future of healthcare is about creating more personalised healthcare. So rather than treating a disease, treatment should focus on an individual – taking into account that their body is unique. At The FemTech Revolution, we are bringing information about health and technology together to enable you to transform and take control of your health.

How FemTech is trying to change the world

Women make up half of the world’s population, and should have access to the same care as men. In my opinion, one of the biggest areas of opportunity for FemTech is increasing the visibility and information around women’s health and having products and technologies targeted specifically for women (not smaller versions of men). For too long, natural female processes like periods or menopause have been taboo. The FemTech sector is changing this.

Digitising care and improving access

Another area of opportunity for FemTech, and Medical Technologies in general, is in digitising care and improving access for all individuals. This applies especially to those in rural areas and developing countries. There are several benefits that would come from this, including identifying health issues earlier on (with the hope of reducing treatment costs and improving outcomes). Plus, increased patient-centered care – meaning more tools to look after ourselves at home or wherever we are.

The FemTech industry has skyrocketed recently, due to a rise of people taking their health into their own hands. The data and insights provided by technology can help people understand their bodies on a day-to-day basis. It could also provide doctors with data that can produce better and more targeted and personalised solutions. FemTech has the power to disrupt the women’s health market, in areas ranging from screening, to mental health, to fertility, to virtual care and more. The influx of technology into women’s health is increasing rapidly and has the potential to fundamentally change the way individuals approach healthcare.

Women are more likely than men to use digital apps and related technologies when it comes to their health — and investors and healthcare companies should take note of this . There is an urgent need to fully understand this industry and invest in it so that it becomes accessible, affordable, and scalable in all areas of the world.

By women for women

FemTech products are made for a purpose. Many FemTech companies are founded by women with an actual need (of their own or someone close to them). These products aim to solve problems and change the lives of women everywhere. With the increasing prevalence of tracked health data comes a wealth of opportunities to create new data-driven treatments that can be used to improve the lives of millions of women.

The FemTech Revolution is New Zealand’s first and only FemTech marketplace. Our mission is to bring amazing FemTech innovations to the women of New Zealand. Alongside this we are building a resource and a community to ensure women are better informed about the amazing technologies within the space of women’s health and wellness. We want to nurture increased discussions in the area of women’s health and make a difference by empowering women to make technology work for them.

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