What is The FemTech Revolution About?

The FemTech Revolution is New Zealand’s first and only FemTech marketplace. Our mission is to bring amazing FemTech innovations to the women of New Zealand. Alongside this we are building a resource and a community to ensure women are better informed about the amazing technologies within the space of women’s health and wellness.

Technology is revolutionising so many aspects of our life. FemTech, short for Female Technology, is quite a new term used to describe technologies – software/apps, devices, products – for women’s health and wellness, including things related to reproductive health, motherhood, and general health and wellbeing. My favourite definition of FemTech is that it is ‘where health and technology meet to transform the future of women’s healthcare’.*

Kelly FemTech

Female bodies are different from males not just in appearance but also in biology. To complicate this further, our bodies change – monthly in a way – but also over our lifetime leading to different needs at different times. The FemTech Revolution was born, in part, due to concerns for the bias in sex-specific health. I want to nurture increased discussions in the area of women’s health and make a difference by empowering women to make technology work for them.

Mother of three, screaming out for innovations to save my health and wellbeing

I am a Bioengineering researcher and mother of three, all born within 20 months of each other – work that one out! I trained as an engineer and completed a PhD in Bioengineering. Since then I have worked as a researcher both in Auckland and at the University of Oxford for over 15 years. During my career, I have witnessed first-hand the benefits of health innovations and technologies in my role as a researcher and want to increase the impact of these tools for all women. On the other side of the coin, in my role as a full time working Mum to three full-on children, I am screaming out for innovations to save my body and my sanity. The FemTech Revolution is the love child of my need and my knowledge with the hope of helping others out there also in need! Come and join us and we can learn together about the changes happening and improving women’s lives. Through this platform, we will offer you resources, information, and support to continue your journey to improved health and wellbeing. *https://blogs.deloitte.co.uk/health/2020/03/fem-tech-where-health-and-technology-meet-to-transform-the-future-of-womens-healthcare.html