The magic and benefits of breast massage

Young woman breastfeeding.

With Dr Katie Willy Breastfeeding can take a big toll on your breasts, mama. But some of the most common breastfeeding challenges you might encounter can all be addressed with one thing: breast massage. These challenges include engorgement to blocked ducts to low supply. And nobody knows the benefits of breast massage better than Dr Katie […]

A note from Lactamo’s founder, Etta

Lactamo breast massager

Hi mama, it’s Etta here, Founder of Lactamo. I know you’re probably reading this one-handed, juggling a babe, and multi-tasking in some other way at the same time. There are so many things to juggle as a mum. But I hadn’t expected breastfeeding to be a juggle – I just thought that, since it’s ‘natural’, it […]